Acoustofluidic Nebulisation

Through high surface accelerations and nano earthquake-like vibrations, we exploit the use of these vibrations to break droplets into fine mist for applications include drug delivery and nanomaterial synthesis   

Representative publications

AR Rezk, JK Tan, LY Yeo. HYbriD Resonant Acoustics (HYDRA). Adv Mater 28, 1970–1975 (2016) [Article coverart selected for journal back cover p 2088].
H Ahmed, AR Rezk, BJ Carey, Y Wang, M Mohiuddin, KJ Berean, SP Russo, K Kalantar-zadeh, LY Yeo. Ultrafast Acoustofluidic Exfoliation of Stratified Crystals. Adv Mater 30, 1704756 (2018).
Y Wang, AR Rezk, JS Khara, LY Yeo, PLR Ee. Stability and Efficacy of Synthetic Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides Nebulized Using High Frequency Acoustic Waves. Biomicrofluidics 10, 034115 (2016).
 L Alhasan, A Qi, AR Rezk, LY Yeo, PPY Chan. Assessment of the Potential of a High Frequency Acoustomicrofluidic Nebulisation Platform for Inhaled Stem Cell Therapy. Integr Biol 8, 12–20 (2016) [Article featured as Integrative Biology Hot Article; coverart selected for journal front cover].

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