- June 2014 PhD School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, RMIT University 
- Jan 2010 Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (with honours), Monash University

Awards and Recognitions 

- Executive Dean’s Research Excellence Award – Level C, 2022 
- Maxwell Eagle Endowment Award for Cancer Research, 2019 
- RMIT Research Award, Early Career Researcher Award Category, 2019 
- Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship, RMIT University, 2015-2018 
- Young Victorian Achiever Award, Finalist and People’s Choice Winner, 2017 
- RMIT Teaching Award, Early Career Category, 2016 
- Media Star of the Year (Team Award), RMIT University, 2015 
- Winston Churchill Fellowship, 2014 
- Postgraduate Award, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, RMIT University, 2011-2014

Ten Representative Publications
[Full list ORCiD 0000-0002-3556-5621]

1. AR Rezk, H Ahmed, S Ramesan, LY Yeo. High Frequency Sonoprocessing: A New Field of Cavitation-Free Acoustic Materials Synthesis, Processing and Manipulation. Invited paper: Advanced Science 8, 2001983 (2021). [IF = 15.84] 
2. AR Rezk, JK Tan, LY Yeo. HYbriD Resonant Acoustics (HYDRA). Advanced Materials 28, 1970–1975 (2016). [IF = 30.849. Article coverart selected as journal front cover]. 
3. H Ahmed, AR Rezk, JJ Richardson, LK Macreadie, R Babarao, ELH Mayes, L Lee, LY Yeo. Acoustomicrofluidic Assembly of Oriented and Simultaneously Activated Metal–Organic Frameworks. Nature Communications10, 2282 (2019). [IF = 14.919]
4. AR Rezk, H Ahmed, TL Brain, JO Castro, MK Tan, LY Yeo. Free radical generation from high frequency electromechanical dissociation of pure water. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 11, 4655–4661 (2020). [IF = 6.475] 
5. A El Ghazaly, HA Ahmed, AR Rezk, J Halim, P Persson, LY Yeo, J Rosen. Ultrafast, One-Step, Salt-Solution-Based Acoustic Synthesis of Ti3C2 MXene. ACS Nano 15, 4287–4293 (2021) [IF = 15.881] 
6. H Ahmed, X Yang, Y Ehrnst, NN Jeorje, S Marqus, PC Sherrell, A El Ghazaly, J Rosen, AR Rezk, LY Yeo. Ultrafast Assembly of Swordlike Cu3(1,3,5 Benzenetricarboxylate)n Metal–Organic Framework Crystals with Exposed Active Metal Sites. Nanoscale Horizons 5, 1050–1057 (2020) [IF = 9.94. Article coverart selected as journal front cover]. 
7. AR Rezk, O Manor, JR Friend, LY Yeo. Unique Fingering Instabilities and Soliton-Like Wave Propagation in Thin Acoustowetting Films. Nature Communications 3, 1167 (2012). [IF = 14.919] 
8. AR Rezk, B Carey, AF Chrimes, DWM Lau, BC Gibson, C Zheng, MS Fuhrer, LY Yeo, K Kalantar-zadeh. Acoustically-Driven Trion and Exciton Modulation in Piezoelectric Two-Dimensional MoS2. Nano Letters 16, 849–855 (2016). [IF = 11.238] 
9. AR Rezk, S Walia, R Ramanathan, H Nili, JZ Ou, V Bansal, JR Friend, M Bhaskaran, LY Yeo, S Sriram. Acoustic–Excitonic Coupling for Dynamic Photoluminescence Manipulation of Quasi-2D MoS2 Nanoflakes. Advanced Optical Materials 3, 888-894 (2015). [IF = 9.926] 
10. AR Rezk, A Qi, JR Friend, WH Li, LY Yeo. Uniform Mixing in Paper-Based Microfluidic Systems Using Surface Acoustic Waves. Lab on a Chip 12, 773-779 (2012). [IF = 6.914] 

Selected Media Releases 

- ABC radio news bulletins nationally and the ABC Melbourne Mornings program on ‘Good vibrations turbo charge green hydrogen production’, 14 Dec 2022 
- Green Hydrogen Breakthrough Edges Clean Energy Closer to Reality, Newsweek, 19 Dec 2022. The work also received widespread Spanish language media coverage in South America and outlets across Europe including Germany, Spain and France. Special interest coverage included Renew Economy, PV Australia Magazine, Australian Manufacturing Monthly, Prime Mover Magazine, Hydrogen Central (Netherlands) and World Energy Trade (US) 
- Mobile Phone Batteries Prone to Rusting Recycled Using Nanoscale Electromechanical Vibrations. The Science Times, 25 January 2023
- Why MXenes Matter. IEEE Spectrum, 23 February 2023
- Melbourne Researchers use Sound Waves to Boost Green Hydrogen Production 14-fold, PV magazine, 13 Dec 2022 
- Green Hydrogen Breakthrough Edges Clean Energy Closer to Reality Newsweek 19 Dec 2022
- MMM Central Queensland breakfast radio interview, 26 November 2020 
- Ultrasound makes nano-waves, generating ‘green’ radicals, Chemistry World, 25 June 2020 
- Building next gen smart materials with the power of sound, RMIT News, 24 May 2019 
- Hybrid sound wave a ’game-changer’ for vaccines and nebulisers, The Australian, 8 January 2016 
- Researchers create a new class of sound wave and say it could create inhalable ’supervaccines’, Daily Mail, 7 January 2016 
- RMIT researchers awarded Churchill fellowships, RMIT News, 15 September 2014 
- Breakthrough is no small thing, ‘Faces of the Future’ series for young people under the age of 30 achieving scientific breakthroughs, Herald Sun, 30 August 2014 
- Sound waves harnessed to enable precision micro- and nano-manufacturing, Science Daily, 24 June 2014 
- Australian researchers are using high frequency sound for nano-manufacturing, Business Insider, 24 June

Grants Awarded 

2021: Nebuliser Development and Licence Agreement (L Yeo, A Rezk) AUS $1,138,000 (research contract). 
2019: Maxwell Eagle Endowment Award for cancer research, (A Rezk) AUS$12,000. 
2018–2020: Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP180102110, Acoustomicrofluidic Platforms for Two-Dimensional Materials Processing (L Yeo, A Rezk) AUS$352,607. 
2018-2021: Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP180102752, Exploring piezoelectricity of two-dimensional nanocrystals and nanodevices (Y Li, M Spencer, J Ou, A Rezk, T Daeneke, R Kaner), AUS$323,502. 
2014: Winston Churchill grant award, (A Rezk) AUS$20,000. 
2014: Postgraduate travel grant award, (A Rezk) AUS$5,000.


- PROC2079 Fluid Flow and Particle Mechanics 
- PROC2087 Chemical Engineering Specialisation 
- PROC2076 Introduction to Chemical Engineering Design 
- PROC2084 Experimental Investigations 
- OENG1167 Engineering Capstone Project Part A 
- OENG1168 Engineering Capstone Project Part B 


1. A McDonnell, C Knight, A Rezk, L Yeo. Acoustic Nebuliser for Delivery of Active Agents. International Patent Application PCT/AU2020/051072 (Filed 5 October 2020). 
2. A El Ghazaly, H Ahmed, J Halim, A Rezk, L Yeo, J Ros n. Method for Preparing a Two-Dimensional Material with the Formula Mn+1XnTs or (M1x,ny)2CTs. International Patent Application PCT/SE2020/050729 (Filed 13 July 2020). 
3. H Ahmed, A Rezk, JJ Richardson, L Yeo. Metal Organic Frameworks and Methods of Preparation Thereof. International Patent Application PCT/AU2020/050372 (Filed 15 April 2020). 
4. L Yeo, A Rezk, H Ahmed, Y Ehrnst, X Yang, N Jeorje. Metal Organic Frameworks. Australian Provisional Patent 2020900701 (Filed 6 March 2020). 
5. A McDonnell, A Rezk, L Yeo. Multi Surface Acoustic Nebuliser. International Patent Application PCT/AU2019/050304 (Filed 5 April 2019). 
6. A Rezk, S Ramesan, L Yeo. Apparatus for Addressing Wells Within a Microarray Plate. US Patent Application 16/771,947 (Filed 11 December 2018); European Patent Application 18887984.5 (Filed 11 December 2018); Australian Patent Application 2018382221 (Filed 11 December 2018). 
7. S Ramesan, A Rezk, L Yeo. Method and Device for Acoustically Mediated Intracellular Delivery. US Patent Application 16/758,988; European Patent Application 18870127 (Filed 26 October 2018); Australian Patent Application 2018355897 (Filed 26 October 2018); China Patent Application 201880077002.7 (Filed 26 October 2018).
8. J Castro, A Rezk, L Yeo. Liquid Droplet Generation Apparatus Using Surface Acoustic Wave Jetting. Australian Provisional Patent Application 2018901817 (Filed 24 May 2018; Lapsed). 
9. J Tan, A Rezk, H Ahmed, L Yeo. Acoustic Wave Microfluidic Devices with Increased Acoustic Wave Energy Utilisation. Australian Patent Application 2016262132 (Filed 22 November 2017); US Patent Application 15/573,609 (Filed 13 November 2017); Canadian Patent Application 2,985,216 (Filed 13 November 2017); European Patent Application 2016791837 (Filed 13 December 2017); Japanese Patent Application 2017559067 (Filed 10 November 2017); Indian Patent Application 201727041888 (Filed 22 November 2017). 
10. A Rezk, L Yeo. Arrayable Acoustic Actuators for Microfluidics. International Patent Application PCT/AU2017/050856 (Filed 12 August 2017; Lapsed). 
11. A Rezk, J Friend, L Yeo. Piezoelectric Actuation Platform. Australian Patent Application 2013903999 (Filed 16 May 2016); US Patent 15/029,433 (Filed 14 April 2016; Granted 3 September 2019); Japanese Patent Application 2016-524009 (Filed 15 April 2016); European Patent Application 14853674.1 (Filed 19 April 2016).


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