Amgad Rezk

Senior Lecturer


Amgad Rezk

 (Senior Lecturer, Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, RMIT University)


Subwavelength confinement of propagating surface acoustic waves

BJ Ash, AR Rezk, LY Yeo, GR Nash

Applied Physics Letters, AIP Publishing LLC, 2021, p. 013502

Ultrafast, One-Step, Salt-Solution-Based Acoustic Synthesis of Ti3C2 MXene

Ahmed El Ghazaly, Heba Ahmed, Amgad R Rezk, Joseph Halim, Per O{\AA} Persson, Leslie Y Yeo, Johanna Rosen

ACS nano, American Chemical Society, 2021, pp. 4287--4293

Programmable Phototaxis of Metal--Phenolic Particle Microswimmers

Gan Lin, Joseph J Richardson, Heba Ahmed, Quinn A Besford, Andrew J Christofferson, Sebastian Beyer, Zhixing Lin, Amgad R Rezk, Marco Savioli, Jiajing Zhou, others

Advanced Materials, 2021, p. 2006177

Acoustic cavitation at low gas pressures in PZT-based ultrasonic systems

Joydip Mondal, Wu Li, Amgad R Rezk, Leslie Y Yeo, Rajaram Lakkaraju, Parthasarathi Ghosh, Muthupandian Ashokkumar

Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, Elsevier, 2021, p. 105493

Acoustofection: High-Frequency Vibrational Membrane Permeabilization for Intracellular siRNA Delivery into Nonadherent Cells

Shwathy Ramesan, Amgad R Rezk, Paula M Cevaal, Christina Cortez-Jugo, Jori Symons, Leslie Y Yeo

ACS Applied Bio Materials, American Chemical Society, 2021, pp. 2781--2789

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Nanomaterials synthesis using High frequency acoustics

The use of MHz acoustics to synthesise new nanomaterials and nanocomposites

2D Nanomaterials modulation using High frequency Acoustic Excitation

The use of surface acoustic waves to modulate the electronic, physical and chemical properties of 2D nanomaterials, MXenes and Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

Acoustofluidic Nebulisation

Through high surface accelerations and nano earthquake-like vibrations, we exploit the use of these vibrations to break droplets into fine mist for drug delivery

Microdroplet Jetting

With short pulsating sound waves, we show the precise breakup of drops and liquids into small (<100 micrometer diameter) droplets, for applications such as bio printing, serial dilution, and single cell dispensing