- June 2014 PhD School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, RMIT University 
- Jan 2010 Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (with honours), Monash University

Awards and Recognitions 

- Executive Dean’s Research Excellence Award – Level C, 2022 
- Maxwell Eagle Endowment Award for Cancer Research, 2019 
- RMIT Research Award, Early Career Researcher Award Category, 2019 
- Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship, RMIT University, 2015-2018 
- Young Victorian Achiever Award, Finalist and People’s Choice Winner, 2017 
- RMIT Teaching Award, Early Career Category, 2016 
- Media Star of the Year (Team Award), RMIT University, 2015 
- Winston Churchill Fellowship, 2014 
- Postgraduate Award, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, RMIT University, 2011-2014

Ten Representative Publications
[Full list ORCiD 0000-0002-3556-5621]

1. AR Rezk, H Ahmed, S Ramesan, LY Yeo. High Frequency Sonoprocessing: A New Field of Cavitation-Free Acoustic Materials Synthesis, Processing and Manipulation. Invited paper: Advanced Science 8, 2001983 (2021). [IF = 15.84] 
2. AR Rezk, JK Tan, LY Yeo. HYbriD Resonant Acoustics (HYDRA). Advanced Materials 28, 1970–1975 (2016). [IF = 30.849. Article coverart selected as journal front cover]. 
3. H Ahmed, AR Rezk, JJ Richardson, LK Macreadie, R Babarao, ELH Mayes, L Lee, LY Yeo. Acoustomicrofluidic Assembly of Oriented and Simultaneously Activated Metal–Organic Frameworks. Nature Communications10, 2282 (2019). [IF = 14.919]
4. AR Rezk, H Ahmed, TL Brain, JO Castro, MK Tan, LY Yeo. Free radical generation from high frequency electromechanical dissociation of pure water. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 11, 4655–4661 (2020). [IF = 6.475] 
5. A El Ghazaly, HA Ahmed, AR Rezk, J Halim, P Persson, LY Yeo, J Rosen. Ultrafast, One-Step, Salt-Solution-Based Acoustic Synthesis of Ti3C2 MXene. ACS Nano 15, 4287–4293 (2021) [IF = 15.881] 
6. H Ahmed, X Yang, Y Ehrnst, NN Jeorje, S Marqus, PC Sherrell, A El Ghazaly, J Rosen, AR Rezk, LY Yeo. Ultrafast Assembly of Swordlike Cu3(1,3,5 Benzenetricarboxylate)n Metal–Organic Framework Crystals with Exposed Active Metal Sites. Nanoscale Horizons 5, 1050–1057 (2020) [IF = 9.94. Article coverart selected as journal front cover]. 
7. AR Rezk, O Manor, JR Friend, LY Yeo. Unique Fingering Instabilities and Soliton-Like Wave Propagation in Thin Acoustowetting Films. Nature Communications 3, 1167 (2012). [IF = 14.919] 
8. AR Rezk, B Carey, AF Chrimes, DWM Lau, BC Gibson, C Zheng, MS Fuhrer, LY Yeo, K Kalantar-zadeh. Acoustically-Driven Trion and Exciton Modulation in Piezoelectric Two-Dimensional MoS2. Nano Letters 16, 849–855 (2016). [IF = 11.238] 
9. AR Rezk, S Walia, R Ramanathan, H Nili, JZ Ou, V Bansal, JR Friend, M Bhaskaran, LY Yeo, S Sriram. Acoustic–Excitonic Coupling for Dynamic Photoluminescence Manipulation of Quasi-2D MoS2 Nanoflakes. Advanced Optical Materials 3, 888-894 (2015). [IF = 9.926] 
10. AR Rezk, A Qi, JR Friend, WH Li, LY Yeo. Uniform Mixing in Paper-Based Microfluidic Systems Using Surface Acoustic Waves. Lab on a Chip 12, 773-779 (2012). [IF = 6.914] 

Selected Media Releases 

- MMM Central Queensland breakfast radio interview, 26 November 2020 
- Ultrasound makes nano-waves, generating ‘green’ radicals, Chemistry World, 25 June 2020 
- Building next gen smart materials with the power of sound, RMIT News, 24 May 2019 
- Hybrid sound wave a ’game-changer’ for vaccines and nebulisers, The Australian, 8 January 2016 
- Researchers create a new class of sound wave and say it could create inhalable ’supervaccines’, Daily Mail, 7 January 2016 
- RMIT researchers awarded Churchill fellowships, RMIT News, 15 September 2014 
- Breakthrough is no small thing, ‘Faces of the Future’ series for young people under the age of 30 achieving scientific breakthroughs, Herald Sun, 30 August 2014 
- Sound waves harnessed to enable precision micro- and nano-manufacturing, Science Daily, 24 June 2014 
- Australian researchers are using high frequency sound for nano-manufacturing, Business Insider, 24 June

Grants Awarded 

2021: Nebuliser Development and Licence Agreement (L Yeo, A Rezk) AUS $1,138,000 (research contract). 
2019: Maxwell Eagle Endowment Award for cancer research, (A Rezk) AUS$12,000. 
2018–2020: Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP180102110, Acoustomicrofluidic Platforms for Two-Dimensional Materials Processing (L Yeo, A Rezk) AUS$352,607. 
2018-2021: Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP180102752, Exploring piezoelectricity of two-dimensional nanocrystals and nanodevices (Y Li, M Spencer, J Ou, A Rezk, T Daeneke, R Kaner), AUS$323,502. 
2014: Winston Churchill grant award, (A Rezk) AUS$20,000. 
2014: Postgraduate travel grant award, (A Rezk) AUS$5,000.


- PROC2079 Fluid Flow and Particle Mechanics 
- PROC2087 Chemical Engineering Specialisation 
- PROC2076 Introduction to Chemical Engineering Design 
- PROC2084 Experimental Investigations 
- OENG1167 Engineering Capstone Project Part A 
- OENG1168 Engineering Capstone Project Part B 


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