Nanomaterials synthesis using High frequency acoustics

We use MHz acoustics to synthesise  new nanomaterials and nano-composites, including Transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDs), metal organic frameworks (MOFs), MXenes quantum dots, amongst others.

Representative articles:

Rezk, A. R., Ahmed, H., Ramesan, S., & Yeo, L. Y. (2021). High Frequency Sonoprocessing: A New Field of Cavitation‐Free Acoustic Materials Synthesis, Processing, and Manipulation. Advanced Science, 8 (1), 2001983.

Ahmed, H., Rezk, A. R., Richardson, J. J., Macreadie, L. K., Babarao, R., Mayes, E. L., Lee, L & Yeo, L. Y. (2019). Acoustomicrofluidic assembly of oriented and simultaneously activated metal–organic frameworks. Nature communications, 10 (1), 1-9.

Ghazaly, A. E., Ahmed, H., Rezk, A. R., Halim, J., Persson, P. O., Yeo, L. Y., & Rosen, J. (2021). Ultrafast, One-Step, Salt-Solution-Based Acoustic Synthesis of Ti3C2 MXene. ACS nano, 15 (3), 4287-4293.


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