2D Nanomaterials modulation using High frequency Acoustic Excitation

Representative publications

AR Rezk, B Carey, AF Chrimes, DWM Lau, BC Gibson, C Zheng, MS Fuhrer, LY Yeo, K Kalantar-zadeh. Acoustically-Driven Trion and Exciton Modulation in Piezoelectric Two-Dimensional MoS2. Nano Lett 16, 849–855 (2016).
 AR Rezk, S Walia, R Ramanathan, H Nili, JZ Ou, V Bansal, JR Friend, M Bhaskaran, LY Yeo, S Sriram. Acoustic–Excitonic Coupling for Dynamic Photoluminescence Manipulation of Quasi-2D MoS2 Nanoflakes. Adv Opt Mater 3, 888–894 (2015) [Article coverart selected as journal front cover].
H Ahmed, X Yang, Y Ehrnst, NN Jeorje, S Marqus, PC Sherrell, A El Ghazaly, J Rosen, AR Rezk, LY Yeo. Ultrafast Assembly of Swordlike Cu3(1,3,5-Benzenetricarboxylate)n Metal–Organic Framework Crystals with Exposed Active Metal Sites. Nanoscale Horiz 5, 1050–1057 (2020) [Article coverart selected as journal front cover].

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