Microdroplet Jetting

With short pulsating sound waves, we show the precise breakup of drops and liquids into small (<100 micrometer diameter) droplets, for applications such as bio printing, serial dilution, and single cell dispensing.

Representative publications

JO Castro, SR Ramesan, HD Dang, AR Rezk, LY Yeo. Acoustopipetting: Tuneable Nanoliter Sample Dispensing Using Surface Acoustic Waves. Anal Chem 91,  5621–5628 (2019).

JO Castro, SR Ramesan, AR Rezk, LY Yeo. Continuous Tuneable Droplet Ejection via Pulsed Surface Acoustic Wave Jetting. Soft Matter 14, 5721–5727 (2018) Article coverart selected as journal front cover; Correction: pp 5937–5938].

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